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What is NASNA?


Mission :
The North American Street Newspaper Association (NASNA) exists to support and cultivate an effective, self-sustaining street newspaper network that promotes power and opportunity for people living in poverty.

NASNA is a nonprofit trade association of street newspapers throughout North America. NASNA is the regional support network of the International Network of Street Papers which consists of 110 papers in 40 countries and growing. NASNA has 28 members, 22 in the United States and 6 in Canada and there are new street papers looking to get started soon.

What is a street newspaper?

A street newspaper is a newspaper that primarily addresses issues related to poverty and homelessness and is distributed by poor or homeless vendors. Vendors sell the newspaper for a set price, usually $1, and have to pay the organization a fraction of the price (20% to 40%) for each paper up front. The self-employed vendor sells the papers on the street and keeps the money he or she makes. For many people, this is the opportunity they need to get back on their feet and into permanent housing. Read the rest of this entry »

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2010 NASNA Conference

For more information on attending the conference or to inquire about sponsorships contact Andy Freeze: Ph: 202-462-0011 or email:

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